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There are multiple ways to get connected with Cross Driven. One way is to join our social media community: Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Another way is to sign up on our website under my account that way you can be notified about upcoming news regarding the ministry. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us!

This is a long story that you can read on our About page. But for a direct answer, it all started with pain and God used that pain to drive us. He began to heal us He said I want to use this pain as a drive to do something modern and relevant for my children. Ultimately we as Christians need to stand up against the tides of the world and represent Christ no matter what changes are thrown our way.

There are multiple ways you can support the ministry. First, we need all of your prayers! If you are a child of God then please always pray that God would use us for His glory and that we would never lose focus. You can also specifically donate or go to our shop and purchase items. All of this supports and helps us to continue to give out the gospel to a hurting world.


Well, this can range from person to person. But to be precise Graphic Design work consists of any kind of change to a digital image or an image that is going to be printed. Here is the definition from Google, “the art or skill of combining text and pictures in advertisements, magazines, or books.” So, in essence, all graphic design work is custom made to your specifications. 

We can do all kinds of custom artwork. From extreme logos to a simple flyer design, or maybe you need a full branding of your company. Just let us know what you are looking for and we can see if we can do it. If we can’t do it we will let you know upfront without wasting your time. Contact us if you have any questions.

Since we offer flat rate prices, the deposit ensures that you are serious and ready for a custom design. But it also helps the designer get started on your project right away not having to wait for a payment to be made. If there is a balance it will not have to be paid in full until the project is completed. For example, you pay a $100 deposit for an intermediate logo and in the design meeting, there was an agreement that this type of design will cost $75 more. You will not have to pay the $75 until your project is completed. This is for both Graphic and Website Design.

Yes within 30 days, but only on or before the scheduled design appointment. For example, you pay for the deposit and schedule your design appointment 14 days later. Within that 14 days and on the actual appointment day you will have the opportunity to receive a refund if you decide not to go forward. Now if you schedule an appointment outside the 30 days after paying for your deposit and you have the meeting with the designer and decide not to go forward then you will not be able to receive your refund. This is due to the designer beginning to work on your design before hand. Please view our Refunds & Returns Policy.

This will all depend on the complexity of the design, the time it takes for the client to get back to the designer which is a process called “proofing” and lastly the final payment. So our estimates are 2-21 days for Graphic Design work and 21-75 days for Website Design work. 

Our Graphic Design prices range from $50-600. Our Website Design ranges from $200-3000. That means the lowest amount you would pay is $50 (GD) and $200 (WD) and the highest would be $600 (GD) and $3000 (WD). We will not go any lower or any higher than these prices. We charge flat rates which means no monthly or yearly fees. Once you have paid it in full it is all yours. The packages are Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced for both Graphic and Website Design. Please take look at our Graphic Design Price List , our WD Comparison Chart (Website Design), and our GWD Comparison Chart (Graphic & Website Design) to see the difference.

Yes, but they work with templates that cannot be fully customized unless you pay more for it. We can work with all kinds of websites but we hope the reason you are here is that you want something custom made. If you are okay with only a template-based website and you are knowledgable then we encourage you to go to companies like Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, etc. But if you don’t have the time or you want something creative and custom that fits who you are on a budget then you are in the right place. We choose to work with mainly WordPress and Elementor. Sometimes we may use BoldGrid and maybe Gutenberg. It all depends on what it is you are looking for in a custom-built website. WordPress is always the go-to because of its great user-friendly content management system which allows for extreme customization. (By the way, WP has designed over 34% of the websites on the internet today – SOURCE). 

A custom website can be created to represent you or your company better than a template design. There is nothing wrong with a template design. Especially if you have some basic knowledge of website designing. The biggest benefit to building a custom website is that you can have a unique design that more than likely no one will have. But with a template design the chance of someone else having a similar if not the same layout is very high. It is like purchasing a car with the default color. Once the car is in your possession you see that same car with the same color everywhere. It is not that the other cars were not there before, it is just because now you have one. Once you do a template design you will start noticing the other websites who have done the same thing.

Tech Issues

Sometimes through changes on the back end of the website, they will not reflect on the front end right away. Please try removing your website cookies and then refreshing the page. Also if you are on older web browsers would change the look as well. Please contact us if you have any issues so we can work out the issues.

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We will be adding more soon. If you have a question please let us know!